Nerz Parka Manzoni

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Weder elegant noch dramatisch! Sportive Kapuzenjacke aus naturbelassenem Nerz in warmer,... more
Product information "Nerz Parka Manzoni"
Weder elegant noch dramatisch! Sportive Kapuzenjacke aus naturbelassenem Nerz in warmer, attraktiver Farbgebung. Das Comeback des Parkas in einer besonderern Variante. Innenliegende Kordelzüge regulieren auf Wunsch die Taillen- und Saumweite. Großzügige aufgesetzte Taschen betonen die Lässigkeit, und mit der gut sitzenden Kapuze fühlen Sie sich wohl - bei jedem Wetter. Bewußt verzichtete Manzoni bei diesem Modell auf das klassische Seidenfutter. Statt dessen wurde die Nerzlederseite velourtiert. Und weil alles 2 Seiten hat: Dieser Parka ist wendbar! Sie tragen die Fell- oder die Lederseite nach außen - wie es Ihnen gefällt!
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Item details "Nerz Parka Manzoni"
  • Material 1: Farmed Mink, Mustela vison (f. domestica)
  • Colour: grey
  • Pocket: patch pocket
  • Inside Pocket: two inside pockets
  • Lining: unlined
  • Touch: soft and supple outer material
  • Style: sporty look
  • Season: winter
  • Type: reversible jacket
  • Fastening: 2 way zipper
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Fit "Nerz Parka Manzoni"
  • normal / the item is normal in size
  • straight silhouette
  • The model is 1,78 m in height and is size 38.
  • Length: 96 cm
  • Größe: 40
Brand Manzoni 24
In the early fifties, the celebrities of the time, high-society ladies and stars of the silver... more
Brand "Manzoni 24"
Manzoni 24

In the early fifties, the celebrities of the time, high-society ladies and stars of the silver screen, were often pictured in lush, dramatic fur coats. These images became the symbol of glamour, feeding the dreams and growing expectations of most women.
In those days, Condorpelli, a small family-owned business, was born in Milan.It took a relatively short time for the company to grow into one of the most important furriers in Europe, catering to the needs and expectations of millions of women and their dreams.
At the beginning, Condorpelli set the foundations for the project which is now reaching its goals. At first, the company put its knowhow and expertise at the service of the branch, providing specialised stores with fur garments. There was no brand name at the time.
In the nineties, famous designers started enriching their collections with fur trimmings and garments. They came to Condorpelli. This was the genesis of a brilliant and profitable cooperation between the world of fashion and the company. The brand Manzoni24 was founded.

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