Lammfell Wendemantel Dunja bordeaux

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Minimalistisch, wendbar und edel ist dieser leichte Lammfellmantel. Die Burberry-Optik umgesetzt... more
Product information "Lammfell Wendemantel Dunja bordeaux"
Minimalistisch, wendbar und edel ist dieser leichte Lammfellmantel. Die Burberry-Optik umgesetzt und interpretiert in feinster Qualität. Ein bequemer Mantel bei leicht taillierter Silhouette. Der Reverskragen ist hoch verschließbar - natürlich! Von der Fellseite getragen charmant - in Teddyoptik! Gewendet ein Ledermantel mit kuscheligem Innenleben.
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Item details "Lammfell Wendemantel Dunja bordeaux"
  • Material 1: Lamb Merino, South America, Ovis Aries, Southamerica
  • Colour: bordeaux
  • Pocket: patch pocket
  • Inside Pocket: two inside pockets
  • Lining: fur lined
  • Touch: soft and supple outer material
  • Style: classic look
  • Season: winter
  • Type: reversible coat
  • Fastening: Kn
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Fit "Lammfell Wendemantel Dunja bordeaux"
  • normal / the item is normal in size
  • slightly fitted silhouette
  • The model is 1,78 m in height and is size 38.
  • Length: 86 cm
  • Größe: 38
Brand Werner Christ
Werner Christ manufactures high quality products of a quality level based on comprehensive... more
Brand "Werner Christ"
Werner Christ

Werner Christ manufactures high quality products of a quality level based on comprehensive creation. This is to guarantee the consistent quality of the products.
The products are created in the practice of an old craftsmanship. The love of detail and the passion for the trade link Werner Christ with modern know-how.
From the beginning, the defining values of the company are lived and passed on in the family business. The enthusiasm for the natural product lambskin strengthens the positive development for over 60 years. The success of Werner Christ builds on this.

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