Lammfell Chassuble wendbar

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Lässig fallendes Chassuble. Extravagant - und trotzdem universell einsetzbar! Chassuble in... more
Product information "Lammfell Chassuble wendbar"
Lässig fallendes Chassuble. Extravagant - und trotzdem universell einsetzbar! Chassuble in kompletter Länge mit angeschnittener Kapuze, aufgesetzten Taschen und gewünschter Lässigkeit. Ein Modell, das Sie zu Ihrem Selbstverständnis einfach überwerfen, in Kombination zu Ihrer Lieblingsjeans und dem feinen Cashmere-Rolli, oder etwas formeller zum Hosenanzug. Durch die Wendbarkeit ist dieses Chassuble wandelbar - und reisetauglich!
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Item details "Lammfell Chassuble wendbar"
  • Material 1: Lamb Merino, Spanish, Ovis Aries, Spain
  • Colour: dark blue
  • Pocket: patch pocket with flap
  • Inside Pocket: two inside pockets
  • Lining: fur lined
  • Touch: soft and supple outer material
  • Style: casual look
  • Season: transition
  • Type: reversible gilet
  • Fastening: push buttons
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Fit "Lammfell Chassuble wendbar"
  • large / the article is slightly larger in size
  • straight silhouette
  • The model is 1,78 m in height and is size 38.
  • Length: 93 cm
  • Größe: 42
Brand Mersmann
At the Roggenmarkt 4, in the lovely city of Muenster, you will find one of the most exclusive... more
Brand "Mersmann"

At the Roggenmarkt 4, in the lovely city of Muenster, you will find one of the most exclusive fashion and fur addresses in Germany. The family-owned company Mersmann Design has developed into a trendsetter with a high level of fashion and craftsmanship. Inspired by the fashion fairs of the World and international design, Mersmann, is the signature of the collection created in its own studios. Mersmann stands for the harmonious combination of classic craftsmanship with modern design, for creativity and service, for innovation with simultaneous sophistication.

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